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Hello Guys, I'm here for you

Posted in Look Of Day on June 24, 2013 by Katerina P

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Today i'll be presenting to my newest addiction, men's fashion! I've decided to add it to my blog, so girls can get trends for their boyfriends and guys and guys can get creative with their looks.

The model is wearing an Armani Exchange outfit, very slim cut blazer and a V cut shirt. 

I'm wearing a H&M blazer and a Varga dress & belt. 

Being a redhead is always trick to wear red or orange, be sure to always use it in accessories or small details.

Keep connected to my blog for more outfits and fashion tips.

Photography by Abner Palma


Accessorize or Die

Posted in Look Of Day on June 19, 2013 by Katerina P

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John John + H& M and Schultz

Accessories are a must in any look you're trying to go for! John John is such a great brand for the urban fashionistas out there, with all the edgy and skin showing outfits. But even their brand can't be complete without that something more!

Hats are always a great option, they've been there for as long as we can remember. Being a sign of wealthiness in the early ages, now it's just a way to create your status. This H&M hat is a great purchase, it mix a great price with a great look.

Handbags are a universal and a personal love! This red piece is a partnership that the shoes store Schutz made with the Chanel designer, to create unique bags. Each of them were named, mine is Jennifer. 

Keep classy girls!

Photography by Abner Palma


John John

Posted in Look Of Day on June 17, 2013 by Katerina P

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Who said that living in a chaotic city, such as Sao Paulo, we don't have time to dress to kill?

Shot on Av. Paulista, the Wall Street of Brazil, this city never sleeps and neither do we! With a John John outfit, a Michael Kors handbag in this city, I tried to combine style with the go go go life style! For a meeting or just to go out with the girls, John John is always a great option!

My outfit:
- Armani Exchange jacket
- Michael Kors bag

The young photographer Abner Palma, was great too! Very easy to work with and make me laugh all the time! 

He was born in Sao Paulo, always very easy going since a child and always loved photography. Photo albums were always your favorites and he kept all the good memories there, until in 1999 his home in Espirito Santo was totally trashed and they lost all their photos and album. 

That wasn't the end of his journey though, later one his dad gave him his first digital camera, a Olympus. The best gift he ever had for sure! On the first party he went, 300 photos were taken. Abner started learning how to take photos on his own, until in 2012 after graduating in Advertising, he started taking classes at one of the best art schools in Brazil. With that great start he opened up his own Studio, .A/P FOTOGRAFIA! He has been one of the biggest boom's of 2013, so if you ever have the chance to work with this brilliant young man, don't think twice.


    I Am The After Party

    Posted in Look Of Day on June 9, 2013 by Katerina P
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    My latest look on @dujourapp #ootd #dujourapp #fashion #outfit #nails #iphone #iphoneonly #iphonecase #ig #igers #igdaily #ignation #igfollowers #model #lookbook #photooftheday #picoftheday #picoftheweek #bestoftheday #kikme #jj #jj_forum #girl #girly


    Party Now, Rehab Later

    Posted in Look Of Day on June 7, 2013 by Katerina P
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    Party Now, Rehab Later.