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Accessorize or Die

Posted in Look Of Day on June 19, 2013 by Katerina P

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John John + H& M and Schultz

Accessories are a must in any look you're trying to go for! John John is such a great brand for the urban fashionistas out there, with all the edgy and skin showing outfits. But even their brand can't be complete without that something more!

Hats are always a great option, they've been there for as long as we can remember. Being a sign of wealthiness in the early ages, now it's just a way to create your status. This H&M hat is a great purchase, it mix a great price with a great look.

Handbags are a universal and a personal love! This red piece is a partnership that the shoes store Schutz made with the Chanel designer, to create unique bags. Each of them were named, mine is Jennifer. 

Keep classy girls!

Photography by Abner Palma