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Hot, hot, hot

Posted in Look Of Day on June 26, 2013 by Katerina P

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Men's fashion can be so much fun! I had no idea how creative you can get with guys outfits!

For Him:
The model is wearing an American Eagle outfit, brunettes tend to look great in reddish colors, but never forget to balance the contrast of your jeans guys!

For Her:
I'm wearing a Varga outfit, an A/X necklace, Steve Madden's shoes and the most important piece in the outfit, a Carmim bra. 
The bra is the most important piece in my outfit in that look, with a backless shirt usually people get scared to wear something that will show, but with a sexy bra, you can't go wrong!

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What is your favorite piece in this look and why? Be sure to leave your comments below and let's interact guys!

Check out the full gallery below.


Photography by Abner Palma
Model: Alexandre Augusto