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Schutz and TVZ

Posted in Look Of Day on July 11, 2013 by Katerina P

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Black will always be black, no matter in what century we're in, it's always a trend. In this look, i'm wearing a very edgy shirt, with all the stones to give something to look at, wait… it's a backless shirt, sorry, i guess people will be staring at you glamorous back instead of the stone and diamonds on the shirt.

Put on very high heels, like the one I'm wearing, with the black spikes and blue leather. The 6 inches heels will make you feel royal. To show how for guys it's a matter of how you behave, i'm wearing this glamours look, he's wearing shorts a V shirt and a fancy watch. But doesn't we look great together? So girls, don't be afraid to go over the top with your guy if he's more of a casual person.

I'm wearing:
Shirt: TVZ
Skirt: Daslu
Shoes: Schutz

Shorts: Khelf
V shirt: Siberian
Shoes: Ferriceli
Watch: DKNY

Model: Thomas Dallman
Hair and make up artist: Thassio Moreira
Photography by Abner Palma