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Technology that is Shaking up the Fashion World

Posted in Fashion News on September 4, 2013 by Katerina P

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Designers and the fashion industry have always followed a pattern, but that is about to change! The french designer Julien Fournie talked to BBC about the latest software he has been using, the FashionLab. He has been able to test designs virtually, with a 3D interface.

That sounds awesome! Way easier than choosing a model, make her come to your office, try on all the outfits.

Not only the fashion designers are trying to find new ways to launch their collections but a young company is experimenting with the way we choose clothes at the Imperial College London's business incubator lab. "Jeffrey Ng Sing Kwong of Cortexica, explained how his team have used research into the way the brain processes visual information by the Bioengineering department, to build a fashion platform. Its software algorithms look at fashion images to find similar items, second-guessing an individual's taste in clothes", according to BBC.

The online world has affected our shopping habits as well, making the big traditional shopping outlets change the their costumers experiences.