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Fascinators and Headbands

Posted in Accessories on June 28, 2013 by Katerina P

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I was walking around San Diego and talking to my french friend about my fascination for hats. He agreed with me that people should wear hats more often, like in the 20's, when everything was about being fancy and chic.

We went for some ice-cream in a small village with very cute shops, until my attention was stolen from my cone to this vintage store. I was fixated, i never saw SO MANY hats at the same place, they had vintage hats, casual hats, British hats, wedding hats, barrettes, 20's hats, all sorts of hats! Well lets say if i could i would buy everything inside the store! 

In the beginning the pillbox was also a military headgear, often including a chin strap, and can still be seen on ceremonial occasions in some countries. In the 60's they were Jacky Kennedy's signature, she made them very famous. Mine is a Paris Pillbox Headband, famous on the 30's and 40's. If you love my hat, you can find it here Village Hat Shops.

I'm a hat junkie, if you feel the same way about hats go to the Village Hat Shops, they've stores in Sacramento, San Diego and Long Beach, i recommend it! They ship it worldwide and to the whole US.